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Loss of premises or stock

Loss of premises or stock

Every year, business owners across the country see their livelihoods devoured by fire, swept away by floods, stolen by thieves or destroyed by mindless vandalism.

Suddenly unable to trade, their income dries up and their cash flow falters. Almost overnight, the business is transformed from a source of income to a loss-making wreck.

Unless you have robust business continuity plans and insurances in place, an unexpected event can derail your commercial ambitions. At best, it will set your plans back by a few weeks or months; at worst it could lead to insolvency and closure.

Loss of assets does not mean loss of hope

While retaining a positive state of mind after a disaster is not enough to recover your business, it is hugely important.

The loss of physical assets should not be an insurmountable problem. However comprehensive the destruction, you still have your business contacts, your staff, your expert knowledge and a stack of goodwill.

Many of your customers will understand your predicament, exercising patience while you get back on your feet. Good communication and a swift return to business as usual, or at least almost as usual, can turn a potential disaster into a good news story.

Financing your business recovery

Cash flow will almost undoubtedly be your biggest challenge. Sales won’t be coming in, but your expenses will keep mounting up. Emergency reserves of cash you may have been fortunate enough to build up will quickly be devoured.

Traditional forms of business finance, such as an overdraft or loan, could be difficult to secure. They’re usually given out, or extended, to firms with a solid trading position. While you may have a good track record of profitable trading, your bank or other potential lenders are likely to see you as a risky proposition.

Finding the cash to fund the recovery of your business will be a headache you could do without. But without money to invest, the chance of failure increases.

Don’t let unexpected loss bring your business down

If you’re concerned about how, or even whether, your firm will recover from a major catastrophe, why not give the Business Recovery experts a call right now?

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Don’t allow unexpected loss to lead your business into complete disaster. With the right financial support, recovery is possible. Call Business Recovery now to find out how we can help.