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Business recovery

Every day, up and down the country, firms of all sizes are realising they are in trouble. Their cash flow is weak, the list of unpaid bills is getting longer, and staff morale is ebbing away.

Many of these firms are forced to call in insolvency experts. The business, if it’s fundamentally sound, is recovered in some way, but the company goes under, leaving a nasty mess of unpaid debts for the owners to resolve.

If you’re worried that your business could be heading in this direction, the time to act is right now. The best way to recover a firm that’s in trouble is before it becomes insolvent and before the creditors start taking serious action to recover their money.

Solve your cash flow problem before it happens

Businesses can survive for years making low profits or even losses. What pushes them into serious trouble is not having enough cash to run the next payroll, or to pay a major supplier or their tax bill.

If your business wants to keep going, it should avoid a cash flow crisis. This requires forward planning and finding a way to raise capital when it’s required.

Whilst overdrafts and business loans are becoming harder to access, they are also becoming potentially less desirable. Firms of all sizes are discovering that they can boost their cash flow by releasing money tied up in assets – either physical property or intangibles such as their sales ledger.

Business Recovery, working with some of the UK’s leading suppliers of commercial finance, has helped hundreds of businesses improve their cash flow through solutions such as invoice factoring. Find out how much capital your business could raise that way by calling us today on 01451 832533.

Find the right way to rescue your business

If your firm has reached the point of calling in insolvency practitioners, there is still hope for your business. A Company Voluntary Arrangement is one way out, allowing you to continue trading with the agreement of your creditors, but releasing you from onerous financial commitments that the firm cannot meet.

An alternative is a Pre-pack Administration, where the business is transferred to a new company which does not carry the debt burdens of its predecessor.

Both of these solutions are viable alternatives to simply going into liquidation, leaving debts unpaid, but to undertake them requires professional advice and guidance.

In either of these situations, or other business rescue scenarios, underlying cash flow problems need to be fixed through the injection of new capital.

Helping businesses overcome their problems

Our speciality at Business Recovery is to help you find the funding that you need to get back on the road to success. Our experts have helped hundreds of firms raise working capital, often by introducing them to funders they had not previously considered.

If you are looking for fresh working capital as part of a rescue package for your business, give the Business Recovery team a call right now on 01451 832533 for a free, no-obligation consultation.