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Asset Finance

If you are looking for new ways to improve your businesses cash flow, you’ll want to begin with solutions that don’t involve more debt.

You’ll be surprised at how many ways there are to raise extra working capital for your firm. Our role at Business Recovery is to help companies find alternative ways of boosting their cash flow, without taking out an overdraft or a fixed term business loan.

One source of extra funding is the assets owned by your business. Vehicles, plant and machinery, computers and stock all have a value, and we can help you unlock this.

Your business assets could be worth more than you think

Every asset owned by your business has a value. If it’s a car or van, its value is in getting you and your staff and equipment from place to place. If it’s stock, the value comes from future sales.

But each asset also has a cash value today. If you were to sell your computers or machines today, you would have cash in your pocket, but the asset would no longer be in your business.

Asset finance gives you the best of both worlds. You can raise money today, based on the value of your asset, but you get to keep it in your business. You can enjoy the current value as a boost to your cash flow and the future value of the asset continuing to work in your business.

The Business Recovery specialists have helped hundreds of firms to unlock cash that’s tied up in assets. Putting extra money in their bank accounts improves their cash flow and allows them to invest in business growth.

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Sales invoices are assets

Your list of business assets goes beyond stock and equipment. It also includes unpaid sales invoices, and you may also have other assets, such as patents, which have a value.

Every one of these items could be converted into cash, giving you more working capital.

Invoice factoring and invoice discounting are popular ways of achieving better cash flow, which in turn can stimulate growth. Having more cash available to your business makes it easier to invest in new products, people or premises – all of which can lead to higher turnover.

Business Recovery has built partnerships with the UK’s leading commercial finance lenders. We understand which of their products are best suited to different situations, allowing us to help firms like yours find the most appropriate asset finance deal.

Don’t be cash poor and asset rich

If your business hits a major cash flow crisis, it won’t matter how profitable it is, or how many assets it owns. Running out of money can bring down the shutters, even for just a few days, and if that happens, it can be difficult to recover.

Asset finance helps you avoid the nightmare scenario of an empty bank account, because it gives you access to the life blood of every business – money.

If your business has assets which could be used to improve your cash flow, and you’d like to know more about what’s involved, why not give the Business Recovery team a call right now on 01451 832533