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Financial Restructuring

If your business is facing cash flow problems or you are worried about how you will repay the money that you’ve borrowed, it’s time to review how your business is financed or face closing your limited company.

In the same way that a building is only as strong as its physical foundations, the success of your firm depends on the stability of the financial structure that underpins it. This structure includes how much money your firm may have borrowed and the methods of repayment.

It also includes the day-to-day cash flow, as money comes in from sales and is paid out to suppliers, staff and in taxes.

Your cash flow concerns can be relieved by changing the way your firm is financed. Our experts at Business Recovery can help you with this.

Financial restructuring is for companies of all sizes

If you think that ‘financial restructuring’ is only for big businesses, think again. Even the smallest of firms has got a financial structure. It’s when this structure stops working properly that cash flow problems can occur. It could be argued, when it comes to closing a limited company smaller firms face greater risk.

It only takes one change to move your financial structure from being stable to unstable. That change could be customers taking longer to pay, entering new contracts with different payment terms or taking on extra staff or other overheads.

The Business Recovery team have years of experience helping firms to find the right financial solution. They have helped hundreds of companies to get access to the cash they need to keep trading through tough times.

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Cash flow problem? Don’t bury your head in the sand

The best time to resolve the issues with your firm’s finances is now. If you have concerns and don’t act, the chances are that they will get worse.

At Business Recovery, we specialise in helping companies who act before the problem becomes too big to escape. We work with forward-thinking business owners who know that they need to do something different if they want the situation to get better.

Ignoring the issues, hoping they will go away without intervention, is not a successful strategy. That’s why we recommend that you take action now.

Our Business Recovery specialists work with a strong network of leading commercial finance funders. They can help you to identify solutions to your cash flow difficulties and guide you in sourcing the most appropriate funding.

Calling our Business Recovery team takes only a few moments of your time and because of the way we are funded, our service to you is entirely free. Call 01451 832533 now for a no-obligation chat with one of our experts.