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Funding Import and Export

Businesses across the UK are discovering how easy it is to give their sales and profits a welcome boost, by importing and exporting goods or services.

But many of these businesses are also encountering the particular cash flow problems that come with trading overseas. While the principle of buying and selling is the same the world over, there are legal and cultural differences which can lead to a variety of challenges.

Don’t let potential difficulties put you off exploring the possibilities of import and export. Business Recovery helps firms find a financial partner who understands their particular market, and who can help them to overcome cash flow difficulties.

Bridging the gap between purchase and sale

If you are importing manufactured goods, many suppliers want payment before they will release the items for shipment.

You may already have a customer lined up in this country, but they will not pay you until the goods have arrived. Even then, they’ll often be looking for a period of credit.

This gives you a short-term funding problem. You need the cash to pay the supplier but your customer won’t pay for several weeks. The answer is a trade finance credit facility that bridges this gap as cost-effectively as possible.

We help firms find the right trade finance solution for their particular needs. If you are looking for trade finance, or already have it but want to know whether you’re getting the best deal, call us now on 01451 832533.

Export invoice factoring services

Invoice factoring is more than just a way of getting paid early for your sales; it also relieves you of the potentially time-consuming task of chasing debtors. When you’re selling goods or services overseas, obtaining payment involves the added complication of dealing with unfamiliar cultures and legal systems.

Export invoice factoring takes away this problem. Your cash flow is eased because you get paid the majority of the invoice as soon as it is raised. In addition, our factoring partners work with agencies overseas who make it much easier for them to secure invoice settlement on time.

You can even choose to take credit protection, meaning you don’t have to repay anything if for some reason the customer is unable to pay.

Because of their experience and expertise in export invoice factoring, you could even get valuable commercial advice from your factoring provider, lifting your confidence in selling abroad.

Grow sales and profits through import and export

Whether you’re a seasoned overseas trader or a newcomer to the world of import and export, it makes sense to look into the trade finance and export invoice factoring options available. Improved cash flow is never a bad thing, and it could enable you to go for growth earlier.

Our team of finance experts can help with all of these, and is just a phone call away. It costs nothing to speak with them as our service is entirely free to you. Call 01451 832533 right now to find out more.