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Trade Finance

If you’re struggling to find customers and sales in the UK, how about looking overseas? Or perhaps you could become more competitive by importing products from abroad?

Successful businesses of all sizes export and import both goods and services. But while it can be a great way to boost sales and profits, overseas trade comes with its own set of financial challenges.

Foreign suppliers will want to be paid before the goods leave their countries. If you sell abroad, chasing for payment can be much harder because of cultural and legal differences. Trade finance helps to you solve these cash flow problems.

The Business Recovery team understands how trade finance works and the benefits that it can bring to businesses. If you need assistance with trade finance, call our experts now on 01451 832533.

Import with confidence

Risk is a major concern for importers and overseas suppliers alike. Everyone wants to protect their cash flow and their profits.

It can also be a complicated process involving letters of credit, shipping guarantees and dealing with customs authorities at both ends.

We have helped many companies to put the financial arrangements in place that allow them to import goods easily and efficiently. Some have been able to make additional savings by negotiating extra discounts for early payment.

Whatever it is you are importing, our network of funders can help you raise the capital required to simplify the process and bring maximum benefit to your business.

Export products and services successfully

Some overseas markets are booming and being able to export hugely increases your range of potential customers. But a sale isn’t complete until you get paid, and waiting for the money to come in can be a worry and a cash flow headache.

Export invoice finance takes away both of these problems. By using invoice finance, you get paid the majority of the debt within days of raising the bill, and the finance provider takes responsibility for getting settlement from the customer.

You benefit from both the cash and not having to worry about getting paid.

Our export finance providers work with partners overseas who understand the local culture and legalities. This means they are well placed to get payments in on time, and know how to pursue a debt effectively if there’s a problem.

This leaves you to focus on growing your export market, your turnover and your profit.

Business Recovery understands trade finance

If your cash flow situation could be improved by better financial arrangements around import and export, we can help. Even if you currently have a process in place with your bank, it makes sense to consider the alternatives.

Our team of commercial finance experts are just a phone call away and our service is entirely free. Call 01451 832533 right now to find out more.