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Business Rescue

Struggling to pay your debts is not a reason to close down your business; it is a reason to try a different approach. Business Recovery offers free advice for businesses such as yours, to help them get back on their feet and in a position to make the decisions they choose to. When you started your business it was your choice, and that is how it should end – on your own terms and willingly. We have various products and services which could be applied to your unique circumstance. Business Rescue is something we pride ourselves in accomplishing. The key to our success is our careful study of your business and your industry, in order to formulate the right course of action. UK businesses have had a hard time in recent years, and our services have helped save many from liquidation.

Make the Most of Your Assets

Given the pressure from your bank and your creditors, you might become so aware of your debts that you lose sight of the value of your assets. You may be sitting on a lot more capital than you are currently aware of. Our firm will help you understand what your assets are worth, and how to make them work more effectively, through our application of Asset Finance.

Get Your Cash Back Now

You’ve probably read in the news about companies going into administration for unpaid debts. The sad thing is that in a lot of the cases, this could have been resolved if the payments due to them were made sooner. Your cash flow problems might be because your clients take longer to pay than they ought. Invoice Financing will help you take care of that problem. This means that once you raise the invoice, you raise the cash! If all the payments due you were made today, how will it improve your financial situation? If that brought a smile to your face thinking about the possibilities, call our team now so we can turn that into reality.

No More Dead Weight

Keeping an eye on your cash flow and your investments can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. You could be spending a lot more than you should in certain areas, or hanging unto fruitless investments. Who knows how much money you might have made if you realised these things sooner? There is no need to keep wondering when you should let us do that for you. The unused storage space you are renting could be used for profit; you could spend less on advertising and still have the desired results; your loan repayments could be reduced with specialised negotiations; your electricity bills could be drastically reduced by speaking to your supplier and using energy saving appliances. These little figures add up to thousands of pounds each year, which could go into securing your financial future.

If you are tired of constantly looking over your shoulder and want to go to the bank without worrying what they might do, make the important decision of seeking help today. Call us now and rescue your business from financial and legal woes.